Sunday, December 16, 2012

Typography: Freehand Vs. Computer Generated.

Hello friends. Hope this post reaches you in the best of times. While we know the world is suffering greatly these days, I pray for those who are suffering to be blessed with ease, and if your comfort is backordered, may your patience be rewarded. :o)

Todays post is about typography. The amount of fonts that exist out there is unbelievable and how the amazingly talented people who can freehand perfection just leaves me in awe. I recently made a house warming gift for a friend and couldn't decide whether to include my freehand typography or the typed-up version I created on Word. In the end, I stuck in my freehand typography art and also included the computer print behind it. I have a really corky sense of humor, some get it and most don't lol. So, I thought (obviously) that it would be really funny to put a twist on the old saying: "Home is where the heart is" and tailor it for us expats who live abroad and those of us who love to travel frequently.

"Home is Where the Visa is Issued" I know, it's totally hilarious right? No? 
Well then you must be friends with my mother since she didn't get it either. And to be honest,
I don't think my friend found it as hilarious as I did. Ha! Go fig. :o) 
But come on!! It's so funny! Home is where the visa is issued. You know, cuz you can't reside
in a country unless you're issued a resident visa. Get it? Get it? Now roll on the floor laughing because I'm just that hilarious ;o)

This would be the computer generated print I made with Word. Sorry for the fuzzy pic.

 I really wanted a modern chevron pattern to contrast with the classic lines of the glass frame. I found this supper cool FREE print above over at Minq and Mode, but you can find another free print at 
This Fresh Fossil. It's a little bigger than the one above. I copied the image file and pasted in Word and then stretched the image out to fit the opening in my frame. The original image was too small, 
but I had no problems at all enlarging the size. 

 I used the template that came with the frame to cut out the chevron pattern. 

How do like my "screen shot" ;o) I love snapping everything with my iPhone. So in Word I (actually my hubster) created 7 boxes and I used 7 different fonts for each word, and layered the boxes over each other to get the layout I liked. 
I also printed them out in red, black and yellow to see what looked best. I liked red the most and yellow was just horrible, actually invisible. In the end I couldn't decide what looked better, but I knew I wanted to give my personally handwritten art to make the gift more special. Z1, my oldest son, decided for me that my freehand would be the winner. Here they are again. 


So there are the beauties. The color of the frames look off, but the closest to the true color would be the frame on the right. The light made the left made the frame look more teal. So what do you think? Could my freehand pass for legit typography? I think they are both cute and of course I take more pride in the home made art vs. the computer print. Well, hope you enjoyed! Have a great week and may you feel at home where ever in the world you reside! 


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