Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Gold Ombre Vase

Hello, friends! I have another 30 second DIY to share. I'm sure you all have plain clear vases chilling at your house. Give it a coat, or partial coat of paint and watch it glow in it's new makeover. That's exactly what I did with an old vase I was gifted for my wedding. It had beautiful lines and a great shape, but it was a little boring in it's clear glass form. I use my vase to store my flat & curling irons, and seeing the tangled black cords threw the vase was sooooo ugly. 
Huge difference right? I knew I wanted to spray it gold, but didn't want to conceal the glass entirely. The ombre effect immediately came to mind. To guarantee a nice fade towards the bottom of the vase I felt I would have better control by spraying the vase upside down. 

With the top of the vase now down I started spraying from the bottom up. I kept the spray can about 8 inches away from the vase because I wanted a very translucent look. I gave the vase 2 light coats around.
Spray paint tends to drip easily on glass particularly if you don't use a primer. Since I wanted a semi translucent coat I couldn't use primer. I had to make sure to keep a good distance with the can from the vase and not to spray too long to prevent dripping.

It's hard to see in the pictures, but when the sun shines in my room a lot of light shines through the gold and the vase radiates. It now conceals the ugly cords while simultaneously letting the light through. A little bit of a black accent from the handle peaks threw. I think it's perfect.  I can still use it for flowers since there is not paint inside, but I have to gently wipe it from the outside to prevent any scratches. I can also put a candle inside which really glows beautifully. I'll have to post pics of that latter. 

What do you think? A simple project that could really change a space, right? Give it a try and tell me how yours turns out! Thanks for stopping by! 


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  1. What a great idea - and it worked so well. Thanks for the practical tips on spray-painting glass aswell.


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