Monday, February 10, 2014

Geometric Pots

Hey all! I've been wanted to gather a virtual collection of geometric/multifaceted pots to share with you all starting off with my very own find. When I first saw geometric pots (which are also called multifaceted pots) I fell in love. Like seriously in love. I also thought they were only available for purchase online. Why would I think that? There isn't a thing I haven't seen out here in Dubai. Literally, after the moment I stopped searching for a reasonable purchase online I found my very own at Homes R Us, (what a unique name lol). Homes R Us is a popular furniture and house wear store located across the UAE. You can imagine the joy that overcame me when I found this little number below...
White geometric pot from Homes R Us. 
It's perfect in so many ways, but if I had the choice I would get the rest of these too lol. Enjoy the round-up...

The above is actually a candle holder, but you could always stick a smaller pot within it. 

Via, but originally from Score + Solder

Are you convinced? Think you might soon be the proud owner of a geometric/ multifaceted pot of some sort? Leave a comment below and thanks for stopping by! 


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