Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ramadan 2013: A Little Decor Around the Home - Part 2

I love decorating for special holidays, but I never like to go overboard. Decorating, for me, should be just enough to make the home feel different than any other normal day, but not so materialistic that we forget the purpose of being humble during this special month of Ramadan.

My usual go-to decorations are banners, lanterns, moons/crescents, and lights, if we have working one that is :o). This time I'm sharing another cute banner. 

Originally I started off with one banner, but felt it was too broad.
Banner courtesy of Sakina Design and can be found here
I split the single banner in two and found it worked much better. 
Half Pattern + Half Solid Color

Mostly Solid + One Pattern

 All Patterns
Islamic Pattern

Solid Colors

Sorry for the poor lighting, Z3 thought it was funny to throw pillows at me as I was taking pictures. I was focusing on not getting nocked over or chatting a pillow in the frame as opposed to the lighting of the pics. (o: 

The stars have Islamic patterns on one side and solid colors on the other, alternating between gray and yellow. I took a few shots with different pattern variations just for kicks. They are so cute, I couldn't decide how arrange them. If you haven't printed these yet it's not too late and you definitely should!! We our really enjoying ours. Thanks again to Sakina Design for their awesome designs and free printable! Thanks again for stopping by! 


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