Monday, July 15, 2013

Ramadan 2013: A Little Decor Around the Home - Part 1

Hello folks! If you haven't gotten your Ramadan decorations up, it's never too late. A little goes a long way and changing up your home even a little bit really makes the spirit of Ramadan that much more lively! I wanted to share some of the things I did around my house this year. I still have couple more ideas in store so keep an eye out while I wrap up those posts.

Let's start with something "old" and move on to something new.
You might remember these Diy ornaments from last year. Unfortunately, my two year old broke obliterated them. Luckily I was able to fix them with minor scars. I decided to hang them over my foyer mirror. 

The mirror gave it a nice reflective flare plus, I didn't have to worry about the kids flinging them every time they walked trough the walkway.
Then, I gathered up some of the lanterns I've collected over time, threw on a runner for an Islamic theme. I also included a traditional Emirati tea pot. They are so cute! Arabs are known for lighting up lanterns in celebration for Ramadan. This is a cultural tradition and not an Islamic requirement, just so there is no confusion. 

Of course we cannot forget the lovely banners made with love and generously shared by Pik over at Sakin Designs. I had this banner up last year, but for the life of me cannot find the post I did on it. Sorry.

These banners were provided by Sakina Design for you to print, for free! Thanks so much and jazakom Allah khair for your making Ramadan special for us! They have new prints this year that I just got printed. I'm putting them together and will have them up for you to enjoy in the next post. 

I (daringly) tried something new this year. I say daring because I was worried my 2 year old would shred the books! Luckily he just hoards them and sticks them back in the book case lol. I found these cute Quran stands at Panda Hyper Market. My kids have been asking me to buy them their own for a while, but they were out of stock up until Ramadan started. I bought one for each kid and a mini one for Z3 as well. I placed Quran's in them and an Islamic themed book for Z3 so as to encourage them to read during this holly month. Obviously Z3 cannot read, but he loves to be read to. 

I also filled a beautiful glass bowl with my jar of incense powder surrounded by prayer beads. These beads are perfect for making spaghetti and ice cream, in Z3's world that is and under adult supervision of course :o) Actually, I'll be honest, this bowl was removed after one day. I know I don't have to explain. Don't judge me, it's Ramadan! You can't blame me for trying to decorate my home ;o) 

I also got a Quran stand for me just to motivate and make reading the Quran easily accessible, and because it's pretty, of course! 
I found these beautifully hand crafted star and crescent ornaments at a store that, aside from these ornament, has nothing else affordable in it lol. 

Hope you liked part one of my decorating this year. I 'll be sharing a couple more posts on things I did around the house. Now enough of a distraction, LET'S GO take a nap READ QURAN!


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