Sunday, December 23, 2012

Scarf Storage Solutions

Hello my friends! Today I wanted to share with you how I store my scarves. In this day-in-age you don't have to be  a Muslim wearing hijab to own a ton of scarves. Scarves are one of the biggest trends these days amongst women AND men none-the-less. So here are my two main storage solutions. 

First method is my hubby's old pant hanger. It's great! The rubber coating stops the scarves from slipping off, but is gentle enough to pull a scarf out without tearing, snagging or ripping. It holds a TON of scarves while keeping them nicely separated  for easy access and searching.

5 bars, each row can hold up to 5 or 6 scarves. 

I try to keep them color coordinated as much as possible.

First row holds blacks, second row, greens. Third row blues...

...Pinks, grays/creams etc. 

I think you get the point. It's really easy for me to sort through and find the colors
I need. No tangles or mess. I use this hanger mainly for my long rectangular scarves. 

Hangs perfectly in my closet. 

And it doesn't take a lot of space. My husbands suits hang next to this hanger, 
but I forgot to put them back for this photo. 

 Method two is my lingere chest. This is perfect for the smaller and more delicate scarves that don't hang well without slipping and can't be stacked in deep drawers.

I use the top drawer for my "under scarves". It's like a square bandana thingy 
I wear so my hair doesn't slip out from under my scarf. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th drawers I use for my silky square and triangular shaped scarves. 5th drawer I use for oversized scarves (only a couple of those) and sleeves. Sleevs are accessories I use to cover my arms if I'm wearing a blazer or cardigan that is 3/4 length and I don't feel like wearing an actual long sleeve shirt underneath. 

Finally, I have my little basket. I use this mainly for the scarves that I wear once, don't need to be washed, but I don't want to hang either. I usually wear them the next day or so then throw them in the wash. It's like a "limbo" basket for scarves that are not quite dirty nor 100% fresh.

Here are some more scarf storage solutions that I love and think you might like too. Let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by. 


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