Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY Blue Milk Glass Picture Frame

It's me again and it's your lucky day! I have two posts in one day. I wish I could be more consistent with my posting, but once my life is consistent then I'll work on straightening out the blog. Sound good? Great!

I posted earlier about my typography for this frame that I painted. Here is the rundown on how I painted my partially frosted glass picture frame.
That cute couple would NOT be me and the hubster ;oP It's a really cute frame,
 but because it's clear I can't really appreciate its beauty.

I taped off the sides with painters tape. I only wanted the back painted. 

 I took that cute married couple photo and taped it down on the glass so the pressure from the 
spray painting wouldn't blow the paper off and ruin the space left for the photo. 
Some paint leaked through, but it was easy to scrape it off with my nail.

 Cleaned up well.

 Make sure to save the template in order to cut your preferred image to the correct size.

See how it stands out much better now? I love it! Too bad it doesn't match the warm 
tones of my friends house. Awkward!! House warming gift FAIL on my part lol. Live and learn. Hope you enjoyed!! Have you ever had a gift fail? if so what did you do?


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