Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Colors that Work: Red and Purple Inspiration

Hello all! For those of you who celebrate, Merry Christmas. Speaking of celebrating, one of my friends just got married and her wedding colors were just lovely. I dedicate this post to her and congratulate her and the new Mister on a new chapter, a blessed journey and an abundant amount of happiness, with God's grace!

So what were the colors you ask? Well, red and purple of course ;o). I've rounded up some beautiful red and purple inspirational images from nature, clothes, to home decor. Thank you for the inspiration MR. <3 Mrs.

Ignore the random embossed dogs, now focus on the the colors.
Aren't they stunning together? 

She obviously has great taste since nature even agrees!

 And for the Mr. 

These colors are bold and may not be for everyone, but when paired correctly they are beautiful together. You have to have the right saturation for each color and use accents to break up the concentration level. If you notice, in every home decor picture above, there is some white/cream to break up the bold colors. Whether it's a small pillow or large couch or even an end table the neutral white/cream brings out the beauty of the red and purple combo without being too overbearing. Once you have the right ratio of these two colors and an accent the red/purple will look as fabulous as the most popular colors out there. I hope these inspiration pics give you an idea of how well these bold colors can work so well together. Have a great and safe day and thanks for stopping by!!


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