Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Two in One Sleeping Cot + Majlis Seating (aka Moroccan Seating)

Hello Debdoozlers! First off, thank you to those who continuously return and support my blog. Big virtual hug to you all! Today I am excited to share the gift I got for my big brother on my last trip home. It's hard to get things for him because I never know what's most useful for him, but this time I thought outside the box and thought more about myself. Sounds odd, I know. The thing is, I've been back home twice since moving to the UAE, and on my first trip back, spending the night at his house was rough. Five people, one bed, one couch and one inflatable mattress. I think you get the picture of discomfort. 

I decided on getting him something unique for his home that we can sleep on when we visit, but didn't actually have to store away when we left. Perfect! He doesn't have a lot of storage space so I applied my own idea to an already existing concept used a lot in the Middle East. 

The fold-away sleeping cot. 
Opened flat it's the length of a twin bed, throw some linens and a pillow and you're set!

These sleeping cots are very popular around here. I've seen them in Egypt as well, but never in the States. Usually they come in horrendous tacky fabric, but I had custom covers made in authentic Arab style fabric. This fabric, generally, is very durable and used for outdoor tents as well as majlis seatings (aka Moroccan seating). The sleeping cots themselves are made of durable and strong foam so they are comfy for sleeping and when folded down they are just as great to sit on. Typically people already have their formal majlis seating , so they don't use these sleeping cots for double duty, but I figured since they work as seats might as well keep them as is and just unfold when needed for sleeping.

Folds away in a snap! 

Beautiful Arabic corner. Just as I imagined.
Completely folded  or....

....partially folded and left with back support. Makes for even better seating. 
I just love how it looks and the practicality behind it. 

A few pillows and voila! You have your own Majlis, or "Moroccan"/Arab/ Islamic seating in an instant! He was just as happy with them as I hoped. I had two, which can work together to make a queen size bed. Like I mentioned earlier, the idea of using these for seating isn't common out here, but in the States or any place that's tight on space, it's perfect for seating and sleeping. If you have frequent guests, no storage, and lack of space for furniture, like my brother, this is perfect for you. You can pull off this look in an instant.

While I had these custom made, I don't see any difficulty (aside from being busy) in a DIY project. The  trick is having three separate pieces of foam, measure length, width, and depth of foam, mark your fabric where the folds will be and sew. I know it sounds easier said than done, but if sewing is a snap for you then this sewing job is just a matter of straight lines and sewing in the correct sections.

Hope you enjoyed this post and are inspired to make your own, or at least save up some money and get a couple custom made. (o: Thanks for stopping by!



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