Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review: Reupholstry with Fabrico Furniture Trading

Alright folks, I've been holding my breath for a few days now and I can finally breathe. After my last experience with reupholstery I've been very weary of trying it again. I took a long break, then started searching again online. Pretty much my search went like this: google, call a number, get no answer, try again. I did this process at least 10 times before someone finally answered, but then they didn't show. Finally I got a hold of Fabrico Furniture Trading. They came the very next day after calling them. There were no reviews to guide me. It was just a matter of risking it. Again. Except this time I would make sure to speak everything clearly and confirm everything a thousand times and then warn them that I would take them to the DED if they didn't do the job well.

Off went the chair and sunk went my heart. lol

The chair came yesterday. I checked it and rechecked and couldn't find any flaws until today. A small piece of staple piercing through the fabric at a corner. I haven't told them yet, but hopefully (praying hard here) it will be an easy fix. Also, if you're a fanatic with pattern alignment, they were a hair off where the top meets the front of the cushion.  Aside from that, the stitching is straight, tight, and clean. Cushions are stuffed well and they even added stuffing to the back cushion for more height and it looks even better. Since I was using two different types of fabric I made sure they knew exactly where each fabric was going and there were no mistakes in that department either.

Left fabric was Robert Allen Persian Ikat. My first fabric purchase WIN on Ebay. Wootwoot!!
Right, solid blue, was Linen Plain Belovoir I purchased from the famous Nayef street in Dubai. 

Before and After

Their price was very reasonable.Turn around time was 4 days; surprisingly fast. They picked up on Thursday night, Friday was off, and I had the chair back by Tuesday morning. With the exception of the slightly piercing staple, and pattern alignment, every thing was perfect.

I also had them replace the cushions on the two white tub chairs for a reasonable price and now those chairs are comfy again. Overall, I would use this place again, actually I already gave them another chair, but that chair will get a new leg first, repainted and finally reupholstered. More on that later.

Before (left) & After (right) of one of the two tub chairs. Looks fantastic now.

So far, I would totally recommend them for upholstery work in Dubai, but like I said before, I kept my expectations low. The more you want perfection the faster disaster comes to you. Hope this post was helpful and if  you have any questions please make sure to leave a comment below. 

Before I end this post, I have a confession to make. That confession deserves a post of its own so don't forget to check out part 2 of this post. Thanks for stopping by!!!


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