Friday, May 31, 2013

DIY Painting Accent Welting on my Chair

Hello and TGIT! (Thank God It's Thursday) (o; This post is my confession post about my recently reupholstered chair. Don't get me wrong, I'm still happy with the overall craftsmanship of Fabrico's work, but I realized I made a small, yet annoying mistake on my part. Nothing a little DIY couldn't fix.  Since the change may not be obvious to you as it was an eye sore to me, I enlisted the help of two very red arrows to guide you in spotting the difference below. (o:
I couldn't make a decision at the time if I wanted the lower half of the chair with piping to accent or blend with the blue. To play it safe I had the upholsterers make it all blue on blue. However, when I saw the final result I didn't like it at all. 

I got to thinking and instantly thought of... PAINT! Would it work? Only way to find it was to try.
I gathered my supplies. I picked similar colors to the Ikat. I mixed Apple Barrel- white with antique white to get the base cream color. Then I mixed  Delta- bright yellow, Folk Art- morning sun, and Folk Art- linen to get the mustard shade. Finally I used Folk Art- linen alone and also mixed a little with AB- antique white to make different shades of khaki. I didn't need blue because the original welting was blue. I tested the paint first on scrap fabric and it took just fine and dried well too. So far so good. I got the green light to go ahead.

Then I got the green tape and taped away :o))) FYI: I used frog tape which is very wide. I cut the tape in half so as not to waste my supply. 
Again, the frugalista in me didn't want to wast frog tape, so I only taped below the welting and used a plastic card above. Worked perfectly. 
I painted the cream base in blotches and then layered the remaining colors.

Left side painted right side to be continued. Do you feel the difference?

You may think I am exaggerating, but this is really a miracle. Thank you GOD! It looks identical! IDENTICAL! I LOVE IT!!!! IT'S PERFECT!!!!! I have to stop screaming. But really, this isn't one of those DIY's that looks awesome in the pic and horrible in person. You can't tell the difference at all. Even the hubster was pleasantly surprised. 

It's like a reverse mullet, but way cooler. Business in the back and party in the front lol. I love mixing fabric on chairs. For some people patterns can be too much and this is a good way to introduce it into your home without feeling too overwhelmed. 

The newly accented welting may be a small difference, but the break in the solid blue was a big change and easier on the eye.

Not too shabby staging if I do say so myself. (o:
I tiny DIY, but nonetheless a big change. When I come to think of it, mixing the welting should have been my instinct luckily I was still able to get the look. The entire chair is much more balanced now especially in the back. I tell ya, t's the small things that make the biggest statement, don't you think? Would to know what you think; make sure to leave a comment below please! Thanks again for stopping by! 


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