Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Experimenting With Scotch Tape Expressions:Part 1

Hello Debdoozlers! Hope you are all well on your end of town. We had wonderful cool and crisp weather today in Dubai thank God.

A few weeks back I stopped by Ace Hardware and came across a large display for Scotch Tape products. It was a rainbow convention of stickiness. There were all sorts of adhesives and they were on sale. It was a sign. It was also obvious they were competing with the oh so popular  Washi Tape. I've been wanting to try Washi Tape, but haven't come across it out here. A lot of bloggers have used Washi Tape and I haven't seen negative reviews. I figured Scotch Tape has always had a good reputation, might as well give it a try. I picked up two small roles and experimented with my old black vinyl business card folder. It turned out ok, but I expected better results. Check it out...

I started off by taping the spine of the book. It had a lot of grooves in it so I taped it first and made sure it was secured well.
I went on to tape the surface of the book, but I didn't wrap it around to the inside. I tried, but found the tape kept slanting and getting crooked. I had better control by taping smaller sections at a time. I matched up the design and cut off any excess tape off the edges.

After I taped the entire surface, I taped the inside by starting from the edge of the front cover and then wrapping the tape inside. I was still able to prevent the tape from slanting. 
What I noticed right away about this tape is that it didn't stick well. It didn't adhere well to the vinyl at all. On the top and bottom of the folder the tape kept separating. In some area's the edges peeled back. It's been a couple weeks since I made this and I've just now noticed that the color is also rubbing off the tape.  It's faint, but I can notice it. That wasn't good at all. :-(

Overall it still looks better than the original black. I just couldn't believe that a brand like Scotch, who's been around for decades, couldn't make these Expressions tape with better quality. I thought maybe the vinyl might have been part of the problem so I tried a second experiment with a cardboard box. I'll be posting the results of that this week, so keep an eye out for it. Have any of you tried Washi Tape or Scotch Expressions? What's you're experience with them? Thanks for stopping by! 


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