Thursday, January 30, 2014

Removing Ink Stains From White Chairs

Hey hey all! Hope you are all well. I'm back with a punch today! A punch that will knock a stain out of a...let's say... a WHITE chair. :-) A couple days after I posted my reupholstered old green chairs I was surprised to find this new black accented detail on one of them.
The stain was darker. but I took this photo after I had already applied the remover on it. 

Of course with three boys, no one knew who did it and till this day the stain is a mystery. I couldn't even figure out what it was. It wasn't exactly ink from a pen or marker. It almost looked like tar. Whatever the case I decided to try Dr. Beckmann's Stain Devils remover. It's designed specifically for ink removal. I've had great experience with removing ink from my kids' clothes, but it was my first time using it on my furniture. 

Directions call for a cloth to be placed underneath the stain, then pour a few drops of the remover on the stain. Let sit a bit and then dab the with another cloth or cotton ball. The idea is that the cloth under the stain will absorb the ink out of the item with the original stain. 

I couldn't apply that exact method to this chair for obvious reasons, but I went ahead and tried with some adjustments. I applied the stain remover, dabbed it with a paper towel and repeated until I got about 90% of the stain out. 

I got majority of the stain out, but you can still see a faint hint. 

Mixed a little bit of powder fabric detergent with water...
...and used a tooth brush to brush out the last 10% left of the stain.
100% success!

Doesn't it look perfect? I was ecstatic to get it out. Especially after hearing everyone say: OMG you have two white chairs with three boys!?!?! Yea, I do have two white chairs and three boys. Decorating your home isn't about creating a museum where no one is allowed to touch anything, it's about creating a comfortable place for your family, and accepting the fact that with kids comes a lot of surprises. I have to admit I was pretty upset by that black stain, but thinking about it now makes me realize it wasn't a big deal after all, even If I hadn't gotten the stain out. Kids will always be kids.

What type of stain removals do you use? Would love to know, leave a comment below! Thanks again for stopping by!


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