Tuesday, November 12, 2013

DIY Curtain Rod Finial

Greetings everyone! Hope you are all doing well! I have a project that I am so proud to share. It's nothing big, but the fact that I was able to fix something and give it another life feels GREAT! You see, I had this simple decorative curtain rod that came with cute finials. After we moved to Dubai I couldn't find a place to use it, and by the time my husband and finished flip-flopping between where we should hang it and actually having the energy to hang it, the finials broke. :-(. It was a sad death, but you know what's even more sad? The first finial broke in pieces, I fixed it, and it broke AGAIN! It broke two more times even before the second finial finally broke as well. We were bad parents to these finials, but I HAD to save the rods. They were in perfect shape and I needed to hang them ASAP.

So after a little bit of thinking a lightbulb flashed! How about making a simple pair of finials from clay? I am sure it's possible, only two ways to find out though. Google it and see if someone else tried it already, or do it yourself and see how it turns out. I did both lol.

The Materials I used were simple : 
Air drying clay
knife (to make designs in clay)
spray prime and paint (Satan Caramel Latte by Krylon)
hot glue to adhere
ribbon to hide seems
New finials on the right and left side of the original rod.
The original finial (left pic) broke off it's base (right pic).
 I saved the base for a new clay finial.
I used Staedtler air drying clay.
I took a piece of clay about the size of a golf ball. I rolled into a circular shape and gently formed it into the shape of a Hershey Kiss. I then used a knife to add lines to the soft clay to give it a more professional look. 
Then I took the clay and embossed the base of the original finial into it. Doing that step made it easier for me to glue the two pieces together later. I let the finials dry for a full 24 hours before painting or reassembling.  
Don't forget to prime! Gives paint a better hold.
I used the color Satan Caramel Latte by Krylon.
I pulled this ribbon off an old wedding party favor. ;o)
The gap had to be concealed, there was no other way for a cleaner look. 
I applied a small amount of glue and wrapped as I went.
Looks great! Not bad for a DIY 
And another closer view. 

I was beyond pleased with the outcome. Obviously the original was more intricate, but this isn't shabby for a replacement. Would you have ever thought of making your own Curtian rod finial or even lamp finial? Leave a comment below and thanks for stopping by!


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