Thursday, April 18, 2013

Window Shopping: Cost Plus World Market

Hey Hey everyone!! Terribly sorry for leaving such a big gap between posts, but this vacation has put quite the toll on me physically and mentally. Hmmm.... doesn't sound like much of a vacation when I put it that way lol. Well, I'm back home in Dubai, but still have a ton to share from my trip back from my other home, LA.

I really appreciated window shopping in the States. Maybe because things in the US are so much more affordable than in Dubai. Even though I only bought a couple very small things for my home, the thought that I could afford so much more in the US than Dubai made me so giddy inside. (o:

What made me more giddy was a lovely trip to Cost Plus World Market. That store isn't out here in the UAE. You can imagine I was like a kid in a candy store when I went in. I saved my money as much as I could and immortalized the items I wanted by taking pictures. A bunch of pictures :o))))

Patio furniture. So festive and vintage looking. 

Zebra print (used in moderation) will never go out of style.

It's a little hard to see, but elephant tusk handle coffee mug. 

Taj Mahal inspired tea pot. I wanted this sooooo badly,
but I resisted the FORCE! 

Total DIY in my near future. Silverware book-stand.

Neutral settee with brightly colored buttons for a surprise twist!

The color of this chair is AMAZING in person. Sorry the photo
gives it a plain red tone, but it's really more of an orange-y-coral-red in person. 

The floral wing back chair is actually petite. Perfect for a corner. 

Mid-East represent! I adore this Arabic/Islamic themed mirror. 
Although it also resembles some Desi elements as well. 

Lanterns!!! Silver ones are so refreshing.

In the mideast, it's hard to come by silver or cool-toned lanterns. 
Brass, red, orange and warmer tones are most commonly seen around this region. 
Finally, the knob that made my knees buckle. It was the last one and for only $2 bucks, I snatched it. As soon as I spotted it, I instantly thought of a couple things I could do with it. Hopefully will share those ideas soon. 

And that's my Cost Plus window shopping round up! Hope you enjoyed the tour especially if you don't have a Cost Plus where you live. Thanks again for stopping by! 


P.s. The comments in this post and all "Window Shoping" posts are mine only. This is not a sponsored post, and Cost Plus has not payed me to say any of the above mentioned. Heck, they don't even know I exist lol. :o)


  1. Sorry I missed ya, Deb. Night shift kills my social life. =0( Lovin' your posts, though!!
    Your number one fan

    1. No worries! Your support is more than I can ask for! Thanks so much Jazaki Allah Khair!


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